A novel way to write your story

Verb is a machine-led writing partner. Like the best editors it helps you plan, write and critique your work. Use it to get your vision into words – with more speed, less pain.

Designers have Photoshop. Musicians have Autotune. Filmmakers have Premiere. Writers are stuck in Word or worse. Verb is here to help.

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Novel Planner

The terror of the blank page is real

Struggling with that first page? Use Verb’s Novel Planner to scaffold out a plot in ten minutes flat.

  • Play with the infinite ideas & possibilities suggested by Verb to get to your story faster

unblock writer's block

Can’t quite find the right phrase?

Tell Verb what you want from a paragraph – and it'll write a first draft for you. In seconds. In your style.

  • Ditch that constipated feeling – ask Verb to write anything, description, character sketches, even dialogue

Meaningful, real-time feedback

Is your writing connecting? Is your work working?

Verb gives you industry-honed feedback on your writing. Stop asking friends, Verb has read more and knows more.

  • Track your progress as you write and edit, never backslide again.

Admin does not equal writing

Characters are the lifeblood of your writing. Keeping track of them is crucial but a headache.

Get a holistic picture of how each of your characters is used with no extra work – Verb automatically extracts and tracks characters as your write so you don't have to.

Research as art

Behind every novel is weeks of research. But it’s hard to organise and harder to remember.

Upload your research docs, urls and notes direct to Verb. You can even backlink from your writing to your research. And it all helps our AI language generation work better.

There’s even more. Verb is a writing app first of all. So expect a beautiful writing experience, paired with nutso technology

  • Built from the ground up for long document editing and performance
  • Easy, always on navigation
  • Beautiful typography
  • Focus mode
  • Typewriter mode
  • Just the right amount of formatting options
  • Markdown support
  • Export to word, html and markdown
  • Easy scene and chapter segmenting
  • Offline capable and auto saving every 2 seconds